About Aroma hub

The Aroma Innovation Hub in Patras Science Park represents a partnership of companies and laboratories of academic institutions aiming to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, successful business development, and local economy revitalization.

The vision of Aroma Innovation Hub is to implement scientific and technological advancements in the production line of aromatic and medical plans, in an innovative way, in order to create value to its shareholders and society.

  • Support the access to expertise, research infrastructure and funding opportunities
  • Promote entrepreneurship in the field of aromatic plants
  • Establish strong and well-structured links between laboratories and industry

The Aroma Innovation Hub is founded by Patras Science Park, professors of the University of Patras and the Technological Education Institute of Western Greece with research activity in the field, and by important companies in the food sector, beverages, cosmetic products, soaps, agrochemicals and plant production.




Director, Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras




Professor, School of Medicine, University of Patras



Associate professor

Assoc. Professor, Departement  of Agriculturak  Technology, TEI of Western Greece




Chemical Engineer, Member of LAV




Chemical Engineer, Member of LAV

Assοciate Professor Fotini Lamari is the Director of Aroma Innovation Hub. The General Assembly of the Members is the supreme governing body that takes place at least every six months and decides on the Strategic development. The General Assembly’s decisions are implemented by the Executive Board consisting of five members: the Director, Professor Apostolos Vandarakis, Associate Professor Vasilis Papasotiropoulos, Mr. Petros Kritsonis, and Mr. Panagiotis Hahalis. The Executive Board and the Director are elected every two years.
Mrs. Maria Petropoulou, Computer Engineer and Informatics M.Sc., specialized in digital marketing and social media, has undertaken the specialization and planning of the actions, the visibility and networking of the node.

Hub Manager

Maria Petropoulou

The Aroma Innovation Hub in Patras Science Park represents a partnership of companies and universities aiming to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, successful business development, and local economy revitalization. It is a multidiscipline approach covering all fields relevant to the cultivation, development, production and exploitation of products from aromatic plants and essential oils. The HUB will give to its members the opportunity to form networks, trace new trends in science, technology and entrepreneurship, and have access to expert guidance and collaboration. The conception of innovation hubs is an initiative of Patras Science Park and aims to contribute to the reintegration of the region through the penetration of the existing research / innovation ecosystem (which is highly developed in Western Greece) with the aim to boost entrepreneurship, increase competitiveness and create new jobs while limiting the phenomenon of brain-drain.


Fotini Lamari

Apostolos Vantarakis

Vasilios Papasotiropoulos

Sophia Chatziantoniou

Eirini Karanastasi


Aroma Hub and Education

Bridging the gap between academia and industry with a qualified workforce while exchanging knowledge between national and international networks.

Academia and Industry

Communication of current trends and needs to both sectors. Motivation of students and new graduates to embark on innovative entrepreneurial endeavors

Qualified Workforce

Training Programs across the value chain.

Knowledge Exchange

Creation of extended national and international network


Aroma Hub and Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Aroma HUB includes a whole set of multiple lab centers, utilizes field tests and proof of concept creations while having a strong case on business development and start-ups mentoring.

Lab Centers

Scientific research and new product development.


Technology is being utilized for "field tests" and "proofs of concept".

Business Case Development

Perform Market and Feasibility Studies for technology applications. Development of evidence base for stakeholders to deploy / commercialize new technologies (startup, spin-off, IP-strategy). Mentoring of start-ups